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"What a wonderful, uplifting performance. One man, one guitar and the crowd loved him! "

U.S. Olympic Torch Committee


Thanks for checking in.  Check out the shows, and hope to see you soon at a concert...

Broken Wing  - Nov 2014

Have a hurt wing, need surgery and will be off guitar for a little while. Have seen it so many times in life. I remember at age 13 finding a hurt mourning dove deep in the woods. I picked it up, and as I walked home, a bird followed me for many miles. It was the male mate. As I arrived at my front door, the male bird walked right up to me and I picked him up too.

Both birds spent 3 weeks living in my bedroom on a broom-pole stretched across my open closet doors. Then it was time, and I let them fly. Free. I remember feeling glad to be of use. Seems like a metaphor for what we all go through, and if we are lucky, we also have someone to be there with us...

Spring is so good  - April 2014
Yes indeed, I feel it!  Spring has sprung in Colorado and birds, critters, and people on the streets all puffing out their very best, looking sharp and ready for love and life.  Such a great time of year, makes the earth feel alive.  Looking forward to playing some new songs, and trying some new guitars in the concerts ahead...

경상북도콜걸▶예약금없는출장샵⇞안산 조건 만남「카톡: mxm33 」━《qьx488.сом》◁경상북도의정부 여관☎경상북도안마⇁경상북도국노 토렌트✍경상북도평택 여관▪경상북도여자 부르는 가격

Life, the journey  - Nov 2013
We live, love, laugh and work our way through life.  Moments of delirious fun, moments of struggle.  We know it is the journey and not the endpoint, but sometimes we forget.  That's ok...
I hope that music continues to be a meaningful part of many lives: inspiring, dancing, and pondering - it is the language of the soul and I am grateful...

A silent tree sits
Hearing all to be heard
From it's peaceful resting
-Leo Age 12

Summer Rocks!  - April 2013
I love the way summer creeps up on us all, and you start thinking vacations, long weekends, and how the hell can I fit it all in with everything else I have to do?
I am thinking maybe Costa Rica? Definately hiking some hard peaks, definately a lot of motorcycling, definately paying a little more attention to all the festivals and fun in my area.  I hope you are doing the same.  Come out and catch a show, lot's of my favorites on the Colorado front range, in the high country in Estes Park, down in Denver, and out in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  See you out there!

Here we go - February 2013

경상북도콜걸⇂예약금없는출장샵ロ안산 조건 만남「카톡: mxm33 」”《qьx488.сом》►경상북도만남◆경상북도구미 여관☭경상북도모텔 보도↓경상북도모텔 보도➴경상북도대구 커플 동영상

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    2013 breaks open in Colorado with a mild winter and holidays, elections, and new years resolutions all behind us.  A songwriter owes it to both himself and the muse to write on, press on, and learn the boundaries, and then break them.  I hope to do so this year, and maintain an attitude of gratitude for the gifts, fun and adventure that comes with the pursuit of being a traveling songwriter....

    Speed of life
    - November 2012

    A year goes by so quickly as a "grown up."  Lives change all around you and you share in the events.  We all take turns both celebrating and weathering career changes, children, moves, holidays, marriage, divorce, deaths, births, new loves, old loves, laughter, travel, up's & down's, moments, and more.  I find myself in a thankful mood as we approach Thanksgiving, grateful for it all...

    New year, new songs, new shows - March 2012

    Coming out of the gates of winter and feeling the warm days of spring on the air. Three months off  was good for writing songs.  It's time to come into the new year, with new songs, to new venues, and favorite haunts, making music, and turn up the love. Get back to the stage, and visit with the peeps. Check the shows link above for the concert schedule, see you soon...

    경상북도콜걸╎예약금없는출장샵♖안산 조건 만남「카톡: mxm33 」╙《qьx488.сом》ロ경상북도동대구역 모텔♡경상북도해피 오렌지 출장 샵⇂경상북도콜걸출장안마•경상북도만남 방♥경상북도국노 torrent

    Risk...  - October 2011

    One night a little building in Old Town took a risk.  They don’t do live music, but they do have the best seafood in town. They asked two musicians to play on a Thursday night.  The musicians took a risk and decided to play. It would be upstairs, via a skinny staircase, a little room with hardwood floors and ten tables. Five minutes prior to start no one was there, it was very quiet.  Then it started, and filled, and filled more, and the music played.  Ghost notes, grace notes and rhythms fell just right.  The songs flowed from musician to crowd, back to musician, back to crowd. It lasted two hours ten minutes from first note to last.  It was special, and rare, and the crowd knew it.  So did the musicians. The room was breathing, and alive, and together.  And while no one wanted it to end, all were glad just to have been there. The little building in Old Town was pleased.

    Summertime...  - June 2011 상주출장샵예약금없는출장샵출장 조건☆함평여인숙 여자♬「산청출장몸매최고」단양의정부 모텔 추천╨합천콜걸▣경산출장 보증금▄영월동대구역 모텔영광불광 여관

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  • 홍성출장맛사지예약신림동 여관U포천예약금 없는 출장◙《충청북도조건 출장》안양무거동 출장┻정읍서울 여인숙 가격▫영주콜걸업소♦고성성인 에이미

    목포출장안마출장부르는법만남┡평창미시출장안마♚〖군포주안 모텔 추천〗부평출장최고시╌의정부창원 출장 숙소◄서산카톡 출장 만남⇚정읍부산 서면 모텔

    Here we are entering the hazy hot fun months of summertime.  Enjoy this season and make time for the outdoor concerts, picnics, festivals, dinners on the patio, BBQ's with good friends, family and good wine under the light of the moon.  Hope to see you at a show...

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    울진출장안마예약금없는출장샵마사지황형➵포천대구 커플 동영상♧‹경산av 에이미›장성신림동 여관λ의령대전 모텔 가격▒하동출장샵후기➺구리송탄 여관

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    충청북도출장샵출장부르는법모텔 다방⇞원주구리 모텔 추천➡﹝횡성다방 티켓 썰﹞구미소라넷 이벤트ⓛ논산부산 출장 서비스◐의령출장가격的대전토요 경마

    Here we are...  - Nov 2010

    Easing into the end of 2010 and the holidays ahead as the planet tilts America away from the Sun. Summer ends, autumn sneaks by, and then Home Depot is playing X-mas songs.  It reminds me how brief and nutty life is.

    Thanks for listening to the tunes, seeing the 2010 shows, and putting up with the ramblings of a musician who does enjoy the job.

    Music breaks boundaries ...  - July 2010

    A few weeks spent in the Carribean on the little French/Dutch island of St Maarten refreshed my belief that music is the language of the soul.  It is truly without boundaries. Spending a few nights listening to, and then playing with a wonderful Cuban-Latin band, we conversed using broken anglo-spanish to get things going and then the music spoke for itself.  Island time is as real as any other...

    Small potatoes can be good...  - March 2010

    Life as a songwriter is like most careers, plenty of hard work, long hours, and up’s and down’s.  Once in while however, the life forces of music & people collide in such a spectacular way that one finds themselves humbled by the event, and left shaking in awe.  Tonight was just that. 
    강릉출장안마출장부르는법출장서비스↜대구카톡 조건▌「진해의정부 여관」충청북도여자 모텔◎광양용암동 모텔━강릉구미 모텔 가격❧보령천안 대딸방

    부평출장샵예약금없는출장샵전주 모텔 가격◄양양동대구역 여관☺《보성출장업계위》수원포항 터미널 모텔♐곡성부산 출장ν정읍오피스 걸☊포천역출장안마

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  • Folks ranging from 10 years old to 60 singing with me, roughneck guys, college girls, working class, upper class, half a dozen other great Colorado songwriters, old friends, new friends, and the steady group of regulars that are always supporting the shows.

    Standing room only, the crowd and myself giving and taking at will.  Playing 45 minutes past the  scheduled end time, just because we all wanted to keep the night going.  Everyone singing, laughing, enjoying.  No ego’s, nothing but music, life, love, friends and people.

    Small potatoes living as a songwriter has it's moments.  Once in a while, damn it is rare and good…

    Sturgis, SD Bike Rally - August '09

    Scott was roaming the Black Hills of South Dakota, doing 6 shows in 8 nights, and experiencing the energy, fun and insanity of the largest motorcycle rally in America.  The towns and clubs played that week were full of every walk of life, from hard core Harley riders, to partially clad Australian women, to local dare-devils, to native american dancing sisters.

    New Album "The Age of Plenty" - March '09

    The third Von album "The Age of Plenty" is in the works.  Scott spent 8 nights in the studio recording the new tunes with an acoustic guitar and a handful of his favorite musicians. "I went into this one wanting an open sounding record, with a live feel in the studio. It is ending up with more kick and spice than I expected, and yet remains honest. This should be a good one..."

    Scott Von Roots Duo - September '08

    Scott is back from roaming Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.  "These last tours with Jimmy Yozell on drums were more fun than should be legal!  Thanks to all the great folks who came out to the shows, and made the deal so worthwhile..."

    Scott Von / Tony Furtado Concert - March '08

    Bongo Billy's stage in the mountain town of Salida, Colorado. Scott supported Tony Furtado with a 40 minute set and rev'd the crowd up for the stunning banjo & slide work of Tony Furtado.  Tony and Scott later joined forces on stage playing some of Vons newest songs with Tony's fiery banjo work.  Half the venue followed the two artists down the road to a local mountain watering hole to toast the evening and talk music.

    New England Tour - oct. '07

    Scott will be touring New England with two weeks of shows in Maine, New Hampshire, and Boston.  Taylor Mesple (piano/accordion) will be joining Scott on parts of the tour including a house concert in Boston, Mass.  Also on this tour, Scott is joining up with performer/songwriter Angie Stevens for a theatre show in Lewiston, Maine.  Check the shows link for details.

    Scott Von Roots Duo - may '07

    Scott has a put together a Roots duo, blending elements of Stomping Roots music, Americana and Folk. Early spring '07 Scott took the duo out on the road touring the western states of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, and Idaho.

    Sailin' on a boat - jan '07

    The opening track "Sailin' on a boat" off Scotts new album MOVING STONES was chosen to be an anchor track on a new music CD sampler to be used at the Sundance Film Festival to connect Filmmakers and Songwriters.

    Sundance Film Festival - Park City, Utah

    Concerts lie ahead where Scott will be playing two showcases on Jan. 24th & 26th.

    Chris Smither show, and Halloween - oct '06

    Oct 14th Scott opened up the stage at the Swallow Hill Musc Center for one of the truly great touring American singer-songwriters: Chris Smither.

    Halloween night brought a chance to don a  costume and become a character on a stage and the band rev'ed up to play some October shows, check out the concert schedule link for an up to date calendar.

    MOVING STONES released...  - aug '06
    CD release concert in Niwot, Colorado

    "The concert was a remarkable evening, and reminded me of the value of music & community. When weather, music, venue, and crowd all come together in just the right amounts, it is an unbeatable experience. The house was a rockin'. Thanks to the band and all the fans for such a memorable night..."    -Scott

    MOVING STONES is Scott Von’s second recording, and a musical romp through the up's and down's of an American life.  The album captures many of the live favorites from the road.  Take “Sailin’ on a boat,” the opening cut, with its unmistakable vamp, or “Hard” which documents the reflections of a man looking back on his life. “Down by the sea” playfully looks at the coastal life of Central America, and the live favorite “Two eyes” tells the true tale of walking straight into a grizzly bear.  Recorded in an old farmhouse in Maine, Von’s new album offers up stirring grooves from the roots music tradition, strips it down bare naked in the folk tradition, and takes musical risks by mingling with musicians who can really play.

    Moving Stones now available on iTunes and CDBaby.  Check out the listen/buy link for samples and info.토토사이트추천함평콜걸출장부르는법대구 모텔 추천╁구리토요 경마ⓔ【고흥모텔 출장】보령부산 하단 출장❤김해구미 모텔 추천▣포항다방 모텔☎군산모텔

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    Scotts CD's


    Check out the photos link above for tour photo's...



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