the blue marble:
A fine little planet we call home. Lets improve our stewardship of this beautiful little marble we live on.

An Inconvenient Truth

NRDC - the earth's best defense

The Humane Society of the United States

Environment Colorado

the music:
Strings, pickup's, repairmen, studio's, producer's, etc. – Little places, and good folks I have met along the way...

Colorado luthier, these guys are world class

Need an odd gauge of string for an instrument? - Just Strings

An amazing producer, musician, piano man, keyboardist - Taylor Mesple

A really nice, funky NYC recording studio with fair prices and the top shelf gear

Acoustic pickup's, mic's gear, and so much more: Finger Pick Magazine

An invaluable pickup comparison website

Looking for "the" tone, or to sell or buy a rare old guitar, here's what you need

Woodsong's old time radio hour

Home recording advice

Guitar tech stuff, stringing, refretting, set-ups, etc., this site has got you covered.