Press & Reviews:

“So here I am standing around at this Folk Festival stage where there were a bevy of singer-songwriters being competently above average when this guy takes, and then absolutely rules the stage in the space of half of a first verse. All back-of-the-room conversation stopped, including mine, and I heard whispers go from “who is this guy?” to “where can I see him again?” That was my first Scott Von experience, and I’m a fan for life, and I DO this for a living…..”

- Vance Gilbert



“What a wonderful, uplifting performance. One man, one guitar & the crowd loved him...”

- U.S Olympic torch committee

 c Jam Radio Show


"One of my favorites! 

He can live in my CD player…"
- Maggie Simpson,  Planet Bluegrass instructor



“I was recently witness to a truly incredible concert. It was quite surreal – music, weather, outdoors, band, everything came together perfectly. Scott Von’s songs were wonderful all around…lyrics, composition...and his performance, WOW! I had never seen someone so into the music and so joyous…”

- Sean Flynn



“One of the most exciting solo performances we have seen in a long time…”

- Soiled Dove - Denver, Colorado



"A burning soul, big grooves, and grace under pressure…"
- Music News, Univ. of Cincinnati


"What I heard and saw in Scott Von was a pure, unfettered, joyful expression of life.  He made me want to hug my kids, kiss my sweetheart, and change the world.  He is that pure, that authentic, and that infectious.  If there's something other than singing that he is supposed to be doing here, it's hard to imagine what that might be..."

- Rachel Snyder



“An intoxicating brand of live music. Incredible songwriter prowess and a great rhythmic guitar sound that's so full, accompanying instruments would just seem like window dressing...”

-Ed McIlvain, Swallow Hill Music Center



"This guy is the double threat.  First you realize how well he plays the guitar, and then he sings…”  
- B.C. Entertainment Review



“His silky smooth voice and full-bodied down-home guitar playing are like a cool gentle breeze on a hot summer night...”

- Jimmy Sferes, Lyons Music



“Scott Von’s performance at the 2006 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was truly top shelf! His band covered the full range of musical textures with excellent original material that moved the people.  Scott didn’t just play a great set, he played to the audience and made us all part of the show!   A true performer!”

- Lou Hinkley, Daedalus Audio


“I’ll never forget the first time I saw Scott Von perform. It was at a music festival and one of the last performances of the night. He slowly came to the front of the stage while starting a song called “Molly Mallone.”  The crowd fell silent, and I was floored!  First, a giant voice…  I felt like a boy again, standing tiny in the middle of a forest of red oaks, smell of moss and black dirt. Then the guitar… Dark, melodic, and about as big a sound as I’ve ever heard.  I remember thinking “now here is a guy who has found his sound!”  Since then, I catch as many shows as I can, and have enjoyed his easy-going humor, admired his ability to draw and hold a crowd, and the comfortable way he makes his audience feel like they are part his family…”

- Kreg Viesselman - Oslo, Norway



“You know, after seeing Scott Von perform, I keep listening to his new album Moving Stones. It is addictive. First you're pulled in by the rhythms. Then the voice hits you. Then the lyrics begin and you start listening, really LISTENING and then it gets you. These songs are a big, heaping load of truth straight from the heart of a talented songwriter, and it is that truth that hears his story and connects it to your own.  And the sad thing is, there is no cure. Anyone who isn't hooked just can't understand. There is only one option...hook everyone you meet. It will make you feel better and definitely make them feel better...”

- Robert Mattson, Upton House Concerts


“Scott Von and his band performed live for our convention in Denver, Colorado.  Their performance was fantastic! Scott really engaged the audience and his enthusiasm was contagious.  I have a nephew studying to become a musician and all I could think of was I hope he has as much fun as these musicians. Their joy in performing, and Scott’s ability to engage the audience made this a truly wonderful evening for all…”

- Al Stiefel and Marjorie Baumert, Directors